JS1000 Tropical Roo

Manufacturer: Ibanez
Model: Tropical Roo
Release Year: 2009
Condition: Mint
Number: #1
Number Built: 1
Purchased: 23 Sep 2009
Signed: Signed
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple 1 piece with rosewood skunk stripe
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 x WARMOTH#6105

Hand Painted and signed by Carol Satriani, with certificate of authenticity, also signed by Carol.
The Guitar backplate is also signed by Joe.

She named it the "Tropical Roo" one day in an email and the name stuck.

(NOTE: the photos are deliberately low quality and blurred to protect Carols copyright on the artwork).

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I finally got my project guitar finished.

Carol was nice enough to agree to paint a guitar for me. Thank you so much Carol. It has turned out even better than I had hoped...


I LOVE this guitar

Every time I pick it up to play it, I'm just amazed at how it feels, plays and sounds!

And everytime I am not playing it, I'm planning and looking forward to when I can next pick it up!

Wow... I love it.

The only problem is, I'd be reluctant to use it anywhere live, as I'd be afraid of high-res photos, and afraid it'd be stolen!

Damn..... Didn't think that through did I?