USA Trip Preparation


Only 5 days to go!

So I've got a premium VIP ticket in the pit to Chickenfoot Berkeley, and a backstage premium to Universal City, the last stop on the tour.

Also catching up with 2 good friends to pick up one (and maybe the second) of the guitars they are painting for me! Even better!

Talk about STOKED! Cannot wait!


Deep purple and Gnaah the bone

Oh, forgot to mention. I just snaffled a very limited Joe with Deep purple original CD pack I'd never seen before, and an original (I think) of Gnaahh the Bone. Both on eBay. so stuff comes up every so often if you keep your eyes open.

Been watching a couple of JS2PRMs up on ebay over the last few months, but they're asking far too much for them. I'll sit and wait.