Inside Chickenfoot

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Recording Label: FMQB Productions
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Release Year: 2009

Chickenfoot is a silly name for a band -- and album -- that kicks a donkey's ass six ways to Sunday and back again. Maybe that's because long before the four men who comprise Chickenfoot came together, they already filled the pages of rock history with enough individual mind-blowing chapters to boggle the mind. There's guitar god Joe Satriani and the the original "red Rocker" Sammy Hagar, who have teamed with a great rhythm section in bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith.

Inside Chickenfoot provides a look behind the sessions that resulted in the debut Chickenfoot release and the bond that quickly developed between it's band members. Host Jonathan Clarke took a trip to the Chicken Coop, located just outside of San Francisco, and sat down with all four members in a lively interview captured for this radio program.

Inside Chickenfoot is available for broadcast from June 5-14 and/or as a stream on your website from June 5-28. It is approximately 52 minutes in length. This program contains three commercials and is non-exclusive.

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