Crystal Planet World Premier

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Recording Label: The Album Network
Reference Code:
Release Year: 1998
Gig: Coast Recorders - 1997?

The Album Network Broadcast Department

TO: Joe Satriani "Crystal Planet" World Premiere Stations
FROM: The Album Network Broadcast Department

Enclosed are the CDs for the Joe Satriani "Crystal Planet" World Premiere broadcast. The Promo is at the end of DISC TWO.


As our way of saying thanks for your continued support, we are waiving the ROS spots. All commercial obligations are contained within the show.

The broadcast was recorded last week before a live studio audience of about 60 people at Coast Recording in San Francisco, CA. In the first 4 segments, our host, Laurie Free, talks with Joe about the new album, the G3 tours, an upcoming solo tour, and a few other things. In the last two segments, Joe and his band perform five songs live.

Also enclosed is the program log & cue sheet and the broadcast affidavit. After airing the show, please fill out the affidavit and return it to us in the postage-paid envelope provided, or you may fax them to us at 818-973-XXXX.

Thank you for participating in the Joe Satriani "Crystal Planet" World Premiere Broadcast!

The Album Network

This is a great set to own, it includes an interview by Laurie Free (which will appear here when transcribed: )
and has great live versions of several songs that were recorded in the studio in front of the private audience.

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