NOT Chickenfoot? - Sorry you lost...

OK, "Do The Stu" requested a forum to vote against chickenfoot as the new band name, so here ya go. Discuss away....

Actually, maybe it should be Chickenplay or Coldfoot? ColdChicken?

Have your say...

If, instead, you like "Chickenfoot" and want to vote to keep it, vote for "Chickenfoot" here.


Does this mean we won.....


Hey guys, much celebration! We all won!

I think Chickenfoot should give us all backstage passes and fly us to the first gig from anywhere in the world, what do you think?



I think it's a "Roo-z" by Do The Stu (see what I did there..) as I see no signature here LOL

Don't think chickenfoot is a great name for this collection of muso's so am waiting on something a little better


- I hate this name! Don't think band will do too well with that name. OR - Hotfoot??