Chickenfoot Petition - "Chickenfoot" WINS!


Please sign below to save the name "Chickenfoot".

We realize that other names may have more appeal, but who wants a corny supergroup name? We the undersigned respectfully request that in the name of good taste and awesome music, the name "Chickenfoot" remain the official name of the new awesome supergroup.

Sign here to vote for Chickenfoot to keep the name!

If, instead, you don't like "Chickenfoot" and want to vote for a different name, list your suggestion(s) here.

yes to chickenfoot

yes to chickenfoot


They have to be called CHICKENFOOT or coldplay.... is coldplay taken? NO! Sweet!

Save Chickenfoot

Erm, I like it as well! :)


SuperDaveMcCarthy - YES

Dave is "Satchurated" Vox JS-DS #007851
Minnesota U.S.A.

I like the name ChickenFoot. It's kind of growing on me...

#6. ZuperDave

Glitz Man - YES

Glitz Man
Grant Stieglitz
Fort Wayne, Indiana

#5 Glitz Man

elpp - YES

Jose Martinez
El Paso - Juarez, TX - Chih
US - Mexico

#3 elpp

Michelle - YES


#2 Michelle

Roo -YES

#1 Roo

Fatape - YES


Roo:- ChickenfootChickenfootChickenfootChickenfootChickenfootChickenfoot
ChickenfootChickenfootChickenfootChickenfoot....OK.I think you get the general idea,Roo!!! So, will this help to keep the Chickenfoot petition going? C'MON AUSSIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dream3 - YES

jamie anderson
melbourne, victoria

About the Chickenfoot fan club well i still want em to be chickenfoot kinda still be like having a bit of Jeff C in the band with lol hence the yellow chicken that was carried around on tour..
But anyways #3 is Dream3 :) for ChikenFoot :) :) :)

Why do i get a sneaky suspicion a certain little someone T asked joe about the chickenfoot deal ???????

Are they Really thinking of keeping the name????

To everybody hope u are all well and life is treating ya's good

Skippygirl - YES

Gee I wish I could play guitar
Melbourne, Victoria

roo - I like Chickenfoot as a name so add me to the list pls :0).