Starting my collection

Welcome to Roo's new site.

This blog will be where I park information about times I've caught up with Joe and the Band and how things come into my possession.

I have been very fortunate that due to a sequence of events, I've managed to meet up with Joe a number of times. And although I cannot profess to have Joe as a friend, I do know him and he does know me.

So how did I get so lucky? Well, I first discovered Joe's awesome music when my brother said "hey, listen to this" and handing me a copy of the defining cd "Surfing with the Alien" probably back in the early 1990's. This led to me enjoying his music and buying each album as it was released, and buying all the older items I could find.

One day, I think it was in Surfers Paradise, I was browsing a record shop that also had collectibles, and stumbled across "Cotton Club", the 2 cd bootleg in the tall folder. I was absolutely amazed and discovered the world of bootlegs. I suddenly realised there were more recordings of Joe I could enjoy. And I instantly became a collector.

The lucky part for me was that it was around this time that I managed to (over the next few years) get hold of just about every bootleg made on a larger scale. This was just purely good timing, as
1) I was travelling a lot with work
2) Bootlegs were much more available than now
3) I had discovered Joe's music.

So every week or so, in every city I would visit, I would research the collectible record stores, ring ahead, visit them and find one or two bootlegs on each occassion. Sometimes buying everything they had, even duplicates.

I should explain, I also decided to focus on collecting Joe's stuff solely, as it was difficult and expensive enough on it's own, without worrying about other artists or bands as well. This focus also helped me build a good collection.

So where it links into knowing Joe is that around the mid 1990's I also moved into a position with the Australian National University in the computer science department supporting the move to the new building. The internet was fairly new (in terms of the first versions of browsers being released, and html 1.0 being created.

So I decided to create a collection site and launched it some time around 1994 or 1995.

As the collection grew, I added my items to the site. Roo's Satriani collection was born on the net. This site remained similar in style and content for the next 13 years (until this new format site was created in 2008)!