Meeting on the Satchafunkilus Tour

So for the Satchafunkilus tour in 2008, I managed to go to 3 shows.

The first was the Adelaide show at the Thebarton theatre. I bought a pre-show platinum pass for this one. I wasn't sure if I was going to get in touch with anyone beforehand, so I thought I'd make sure to get in and have a catch-up chat with Joe.

The pre-show was great, Joe was as awesome and accommodating as always, I don't know how he does it, he's always just so pleased to see everyone. The questions flew in thick and strong, I met a few more die-hard satch fans, heaps of stuff got signed and heaps of photos taken (will post them up when I get my photos section up and running).

Joe signed a stack of stuff for me, thanks so much Joe. With all the times I met Joe before I never asked him to sign heaps, but I'm glad he was nice about it, thanks Joe. I just thought the only thing to make the collection better was to try and get most of it signed.

The show at Thebarton was great, I think the venue was a bit boomy, but it was awesome anyway, I mean - how many people have ever been to a Joe show and it hasn't been awesome? Cmon..

So then I flew home and had organised through work to be in Sydney on the day of one of his gigs there and in Brisbane for that one also, so I got to both. Mike was kind enough to arrange backstage for both of these for me, thanks again Mike, I appreciate it. It was great catching up again there, seeing more of the fans, etc. I brought a friend of mine to the Sydney gig and he was stoked to see Joe live for the first time and then get to meet him.

I've seen Joe twice at the enmore now and love the venue, it's really cozy and the acoustics are great, but I think some weird sounds were happening with Joe's amps throughout, he lost some bottom end at the beginning, but what can I say, still an awesome show!

That night Joe also had a little birthday party after the aftershpw meet-n-greet. It would have been awesome to sit in on that, apparently he played a few songs to celebrate and had a cake.

Caught up with Galen again there and Jeff. Good to see them again, even only in a mad rush, I got hold of about 5 copies of a bootleg from the Thebarton show and gave Joe, Jeff and Galen a copy each. Stu was busy with signing cds so I didn't get to catch up with him, or give him a cd.

I then got to the Brisbane show and Galen and Mike had thankfully arranged aftershow passes again. You guys ROCK! That was great to get backstage on that last show. The Tivoli in Brisbane was by far the best of the three I saw, the acoustics were incredible, the show rocked, the vibe was awesome.

I got 2 passes and was going to bring a mate from work, but he bailed, so I saw the concert alone, I bumped into a guy who was seeing Joe for the first time and he seemed really stoked, we talked about getting to meet Joe and he thought it would be awesome, so I did the only thing I could do... Gave him the extra aftershow pass. He was stoked and we had a great time at the show and the meet-n-greet. Got to give the last bootleg of the Adelaide show to stu there and he signed a couple of things for me. Everyone seemed more relaxed and I assumed they had a few days break, but Mike I think said the next show was in NZ the next night or something! Wow. I don't know how they do it.... But it would be cool to try....

Oh, I should mention the support bands. At the Thebarton in adelaide the band was ok, but the lead was a drop-kick! The best part of their set was near the end when the guitarist got to do a solo and was having fun, and then the lead ruined it by trying to add something and just destroyed the moment. Sorry, I think they could do better with a different lead, or even just a singer.

The band at the enmore gig was great! The lead was obviously a Vai fan and could not only play well, but with good tone and style. The band was tight and had fun. I was surprised how many guitar changes this guy had in one set! Obviously wanted to show off his collection of Jems! :)

The last support at the Tivoli was pretty poor. The guitarist was a real show-boat and more advertising than substance. I mean look, I couldn't play a quarter as well as any of these guys, but they were up there not me. I think it's awesome they opened for Satch, but need to give constructive criticism when I can, in the interest of helping them grow.

So in all, an AWESOME tour. Maybe next time I'll get to all shows... I just think that in 20 years time, when Joe isn't touring or whatever, I will kick myself for not taking the opportunity to experience that strange beautiful music in person every chance I got.

So take it from me, if you have to bend some rules or beg or borrow money, sleep at a mates place and walk to the venue... DO IT! You cannot pass up the chance to see Joe play live, there is nothing like it.