Meeting on the ITLIS tour

Here's the GIG and Photos:

So in 2005, Joe tours again, unfortunately I could only get to the Enmore gig in Sydney.

So I hunt around frantically and discover he's doing a signing at Allans in Sydney, I rock up and I'm about 3rd in line. We have a great chat, he signs the Original EP he had sent me, a Surfing 12" Picture disk (with the Afro Joe on the back), and the backplate for my JS10th and some cd covers and also lines up a couple of backstage passes for me and my brother. Thanks again Joe and Mick.

We arrived at about 7:00 and waited a short while for the doors to open, got up front about 3 rows back. The show was amazing, you could see they were all having fun, A few minor mixing hitches, that weird feedback thing on about the 3rd song had them confused for a few seconds. It was great to see them just cut it up on stage like that, waaaay more fluid and fun than the quick promo 1996 shows at Sydney/Melbourne. I was blown away by all songs, only a few were fairly faithful to the studio cd version, others, like Searching in particular, had very little in common with the cd version other than the initial riffs.

So the show absolutely ROCKED! I had the most incredible time, I still think the versions of Bamboo and Searching they played were some of the best live songs I will ever experience.

I heard about the cameras being allowed, and shot off about 4x24 rolls of film (including about 8 meet and greet and 4 aftershow shots). I was annoying one with the bright flash just right of centre. I knew Joe loved stage right, and should have gone there, but still got a good spot when he came to centre stage.

First time I saw Galen playing that night.

Then I surprised Kieren (my brother) with the aftershow passes. He was stoked.

At the aftershow, much better layout with the relaxed 15 or 20 people, we hung around and Joe came out, had a good chat to people and had heaps of time to get photos, handshakes (watch those handshakes guys! Remember, he's an artist!), and signatures. My brother and I waited for a while to let Joe get around everyone, it would take a little while, no need to rush, so I started speaking to Mick about the promo tour and the layout, he was saying they are planning to be in AUSTRALIA a lot more now!!! Good news guys.

I asked if the rest of the band would come out and he said usually only if requested, so he suggested we go backstage as Joe would be a while. So he took Kieren and I backstage and we met with Jeff, Matt and Galen.

You guys are all great, so relaxed and happy to have a chat.

Matt, I forgot to ask about the kids photos, obviously close to your heart. Was the cat part of the entourage or the theatre?

Jeff was sipping a red wine and is a great talker, great guy, thanks for the chance to chat mate! I asked about G3 in Australia and told him heaps of online satchers have been shouting for it. He said we should keep shouting, they want to do something and Jeff was hopeful about an Ozzie G3 next year!

Galen (used to tech for Stu, then Joe asked him to join the show as they needed some backing guitar) and Jeff asked me who should they bring/include, I suggested Joe and Steve were a no brainer for billing one and two, but didn't really have a strong suggestion for number 3, We tossed around a few names and I then said you should have a poll on the site to pick a third (or could it be G4?), so I recon we should run an Aussie poll for who we want out here. The easier we make the decision, the less reasons they have to not come here!.

I ask Jeff about the Chook (which I commented looked like it had a mouth from a sex shop dummy), he said there's no real story, it was just "thrown up" on stage :) by someone at a previous concert, I actually recall a story like that from a while back when Jeff said that, they mentioned it had been around the world! (I thought that would explain the surprised look it had!) :)

I got Jeff, Matt and Galen to sign my ITLIS cd cover (Joe signed it later).

We then went back out when Jeff, Matt and Galen took the first wave back to the hotel. Caught up with Satch and he was kind enough to sign a whole swath of CD covers I'd brought with me, Including the DP boots, although 2 got smudged, shoulda listened to you Mick, oh well).

In all an absolutely legend night, great music, great friends and hopefully some great photos. Will update my site with the signed stuff and photos in the next few weeks, quite busy so it'll probably be later rather than sooner.

Thanks guys, and for those of you going to see Joe on the Oz Tour, you'll have an awesome night.

When I mentioned how cool "Searching" was and how we could see the fun they were having, Jeff said that the recording on the ITLIS cd is the first time they ever played it. In his words (roughly): "Joe played us the song and then said let's go try it for a warmup (or have a try at it, something like that) in the studio... And that's the version that got on the album.

Reel Satriani has another similar thing, but more about writing than playing, it shows someone walk up to Joe who has gone to a quite corner and just scribbled and worked out a song in a few minutes.


I liked at the concert how you could see them go from one rythme to another, sometimes just a completely unrelated (seemingly) progression over 4 bars with Joe leading. Matt, and Galen, that was some fast catchup you were playing. Well done. I used to wish I could be good enough to even play a backing on one song for Joe. Now I think I'll leave it to the professionals, rather than make a fool of myself trying to keep up... :)

(About Jeff): I don't think I've met a more genuinely interested and fun guy to chat with in a long time. I mean these guys (not just Jeff) just finished playing a 3 hour gig beside Joe on stage, and they're bright and relaxed, happy to shoot the shit for a few minutes with a few nobody groupies wanting to say hello.

Too cool. Jeff definitely is a great guy though. Thanks again Jeff.

Also, another coupla things I forgot. How funny was it to see Joe stride up for the super-killa-fragalistic-expert-guitar-lick and instantly see 5 or 6 mobile phones get held up to record it! LOL! That would look so funny on time-lapse photography!

And another point in time, Joe is off to his side of the stage and I look around, the entire dancefloor is motionless in a trance staring at him. All the rest of the band could see was an ocean of motionless profiles (not a single person turning to see the bassist and rythm guitarist). I recon you'd sorta start to feel like you aren't really doin much. But they're just havin fun, "flickin the chickin" and jammin away.

So many great memories.

It was awesome when Joe launched into the set of staples, hordes/surfin/motorcycle rider/always... Brought back so many great memories of us trying to play those songs... Funny, don't remember them sounding that good! Must be the picks he uses, is that why people fight so hard to get them? LOL!


Pics of items:

And pics of the meetings and show