First time meeting Joe

So around 1995 I get an email from someone saying they are from Joe's management "Hi, Joe has seen the site and thinks it's cool, do you want to come backstage at one of the shows!"

I think, yeah right, so I reply "pull the other one! Who put you up to this?"

But it was actually true. So I pointed out that I lived in OZ, so unless they could also fly me to the US, it was pretty difficult.

Anyway, I then found out in 1996 Joe is touring OZ! I contact them again and ask if the backstage passes are still on offer, and got a set for me and the band! It was awesome meeting Joe for the first time, very cool.

Then I gave Joe a bootleg, but was a bit miffed because we got some photos and stuff but I missed out on signatures cause they bustled him out before we had a chance.

I also decided to fly down and see the Melbourne gig the next day, I bump into Jonothan and Stu in the departure gate! so we start chatting. No sign of Joe. On the flight I'm up near the back and have my "Joe Satriani" tour hat and shirt on. Joe comes walking down the aisle. I guess they told him some nut was back there. So I pull out a stack of bootleg covers to show him. He seemed a bit disappointed and said "I suppose you want these signed" and I said, "no, just have a look, there some cool ones there" so he saw the deep purple bootlegs I think for the first time there and was pretty amazed. We chatted for a few minutes until we had to land.

I then had a day to kill in Melbourne. So I'm walking around and stumble upon an Allans Music Store advertising a special in-store performance! But you had to have tickets and they were sold out. The shop attendant said, just hang around and they may not throw me out. So I'm waiting around and remembered I had to get something, so I leave my bags, and run 5 blocks or so, but by the time I get back, the doors been shut and there's a line for people getting in with tickets. I'm thinking "oh crap" but as I walk up, in my tour shirt and hat, they must have thought I was part of the crew and waved me straight through! Awesome, that rendition of Always he played went for about 15 minutes and was incredible. Got to meet Joe again there at the signing and then finally got a few items signed.

Finally, went to the gig that night, but there was a mixup and the bloke I spoke to (can't remember who) in Sydney who said they'd get me backstage in Melbourne only left normal admission tickets, which I already had. So I missed the backstage that night.

In all, an awesome few days, and seeing Joe play 3 times, and meeting him 3 times.