Ibanez JSBDG Black Dog

Manufacturer: Ibanez
Model: JSBDG
Release Year: 2008
Condition: Near-Mint
Number: Not Numbered
Number Built: 88
Purchased: 16 Aug 2008
Signed: Signed
Body: Basswood body
Neck: Prestige JS 1 piece maple neck (multi-radiused profile)
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 x 6105 Frets


The rumors were true. After years of calls from the legions of Satriani faithful, Ibanez was going to offer a collector’s edition of virtuoso rock guitarist Joe Satriani’s storied “Black Dog” electric guitar. And at the very last minute, the guitar was added to the Ibanez Booth display at the Summer 2008 NAMM musical instrument convention in Nashville.

The Ibanez JS “Black Dog” Tribute is a faithful recreation of Joe Satriani’s legendary late ‘80s/early ‘90s axe. Like Joe’s actual Black Dog, the recreation features the original pot locations and output jack style—different than the current Satriani signature model—as well as DiMarzio® PAF Pro® and Fred® pickups and the original Ibanez Edge tremolo system. In addition the JS neck and finish on the Tribute are treated by Ibanez’s most experienced luthiers.

But it’s the Black Dog finish that especially stands out: laboriously recreated by hand, one at a time, by just one highly skilled artist, are the drawings that Joe would apply to the original Black Dog body as the spirit moved him. Ibanez took photographs of the original Black Dog and used the shots to create a sort of “graphic map” that the Japanese artist uses to render with amazing exactitude Satriani’s original drawings.

The list price of the JSBDG is $7999.99, which includes many exclusive and special 20tth Anniversary items including an autographed copy of the Surfing with the Alien Legacy CD, a deluxe hardshell case, and exclusive Planet Waves Joe Satriani strap and Satriani Planet Waves signature picks by the respected D’Addario Co. Accessories are exclusive to the USA market.

The collector’s item guitar is reported to be limited to 100pcs worldwide with 60 of those destined for the United States.

More details: http://www.ibanez.com/features/blackdog-specs

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THIS SPECIFIC IBANEZ BLACK DOG IS THE FIRST ONE RELEASED IN THE WORLD! I bought it from the G-Taranaki show which had it since 14 JULY 2008. I had it in my hands on the 16th of August and they didn't start shipping until late September! Mine has the case and the Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a letter from Ibanez congratulating me on being the first to purchase one!

Confirmed off the initial production run for these rare collector guitars!

I also have noticed that from all the photos I've seen of all other black dogs, they seem to have the blue squiggle above the trem cavity, mine appears to be the only one that doesn't!

More (Older) information reproduced from Rich's Site ( http://www.ibanezrules.com/new/jsbdg.htm ):

"THIS is the guitar I saw Joe play 20 years ago that turned me into the JS Junky I am today. Blackdog was the very first prototype JS that Joe used to decorate with colored metallic Sharpie markers as the mood struck him. It was immortalized when a picture of the freshly redrawn guitar was used on the back cover of FIABD, which has made it a favorite of long term Satch fans. Faithfully recreated by a Japanese doodler, this tribute is very accurate. So much so they went to the original photographer that shot the picture and got the original 4" x 5" negatives to make very clear enlargements for the artist to work from. Of course the graphic is under clear so you won't rub it off, but the doodles on the pickups and mounting rings, bar, fine tuners, and knobs isn't. Nearly dead on accurate in spec, Ibanez used the correct knob arrangement, and knobs, Silver Silk headstock logo, pearl dots, straight jack, black plastic p/u mounting rings, and the graphic is superbly done. The only minor inconsistencies I noticed were the JS Series moniker on the head instead of the original Roadstar Series [the original neck was a Korean neck from a Roadstar because at the time those were the only necks Ibanez was making with the "Strat" truss rod rout [skunk stripe] and straight headstock 1 piece neck], and the rubber grommet around the switch nut that H&S used on the Radius', JS3's, and first batch 4's and 5's. All Japanese built/assembled JS's got the all metal switch nut. It is sporting the current top mount locking nut and the trems now have the "Licensed" line ground out of the mold. Of course, it looks fantastic and I'VE GOT TO HAVE ONE! Limited production to 88 Worldwide, with 50 to HUSA. Only a couple available."


Yaaayy! Got joe to sign the backplate at the Berkeley Chickenfoot aftershow party. Woohoo. Thanks Joe!