Ibanez JS2KPLT Crystal Planet

Manufacturer: Ibanez
Model: JS2KPLT
Release Year: 2000
Condition: Mint
Number: 180
Number Built: 200
Purchased: 8 Dec 2008
Signed: Signed
Body: Acrylic Clear
Neck: JS
Frets: 22


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Yaaayy! Got Joe to sign the spring cavity cover at the Berkeley Chickenfoot aftershow party.

I asked him to sign the inside, I was explaining I wanted that so that:
1) it was protected (it's transparent, so you can still see it)
2) it would therefore be backwards (anf the guiitar is #180 - ie 180 degrees)

Then Joe said "You want me to sign it backwards???!?!?", LOL!


We have this guitar as well. We have #13 of 200. How much did you pay for this if you don't mind me asking?


I tend not to give away price, but I did get this considerably cheaper than the others I've seen on ebay lately.

Going price (from a few ebay sales in late 2008), seemed to be in the vicinity of 4000 pounds or 6,000-9,000 dollars.



We got ours for about the same in 2006. We recently got the JS20s Silver Surfer guitar. He also has the white JS1000. My husband is a huge Joe fan - I am sure he would love to have a collection similar to yours. He has almost all of his CD's, VHS tapes and music books. I bookmarked your page so he can enjoy another huge fan.