New Home

Sorry about the issues on the server lately guys. But now we have a new home and are back up and running.

Lots been happening, lots to update on the site, just need to find some time... Soon I hope...

USA Trip Preparation


Only 5 days to go!

So I've got a premium VIP ticket in the pit to Chickenfoot Berkeley, and a backstage premium to Universal City, the last stop on the tour.

Also catching up with 2 good friends to pick up one (and maybe the second) of the guitars they are painting for me! Even better!

Talk about STOKED! Cannot wait!


So difficult to find good early recording pressings now

Well, I just got back from Sydney, where I visited a collectibles cd shop I used to rely on for material and when chatting with the guy there we were agreeing it is getting so hard to find some stuff. I never managed to get a copy of "See that Wizzard play Guitar" for instance. I just cannot find it anywhere.

Originally only 1000 made I think. If you know anyone who has one, please contact me and we can talk about a price.

Getting my FIRST IN THE WORLD Limited edition Ibanez JS Black Dog

Will fill more in later.

For now, see pictures here:

and we are discussing this guitar on jemsite:

Meeting on the Satchafunkilus Tour

So for the Satchafunkilus tour in 2008, I managed to go to 3 shows.

The first was the Adelaide show at the Thebarton theatre. I bought a pre-show platinum pass for this one. I wasn't sure if I was going to get in touch with anyone beforehand, so I thought I'd make sure to get in and have a catch-up chat with Joe.

Meeting on the ITLIS tour

Here's the GIG and Photos:

So in 2005, Joe tours again, unfortunately I could only get to the Enmore gig in Sydney.

So I hunt around frantically and discover he's doing a signing at Allans in Sydney, I rock up and I'm about 3rd in line. We have a great chat, he signs the Original EP he had sent me, a Surfing 12" Picture disk (with the Afro Joe on the back), and the backplate for my JS10th and some cd covers and also lines up a couple of backstage passes for me and my brother. Thanks again Joe and Mick.

My claim to fame

It was very cool over the next year, I got mentions from Joe in a couple of interviews (guitar9 for example) and an online webcast (I'll put the video here shortly, its on the introduction page of my old site if you are interested).

This was also the time Joe sent me a copy of the original EP he recorded, for which I am eternally grateful.

First time meeting Joe

So around 1995 I get an email from someone saying they are from Joe's management "Hi, Joe has seen the site and thinks it's cool, do you want to come backstage at one of the shows!"

I think, yeah right, so I reply "pull the other one! Who put you up to this?"

But it was actually true. So I pointed out that I lived in OZ, so unless they could also fly me to the US, it was pretty difficult.

Starting my collection

Welcome to Roo's new site.

This blog will be where I park information about times I've caught up with Joe and the Band and how things come into my possession.

I have been very fortunate that due to a sequence of events, I've managed to meet up with Joe a number of times. And although I cannot profess to have Joe as a friend, I do know him and he does know me.

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