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Sorry about the issues on the server lately guys. But now we have a new home and are back up and running.

Lots been happening, lots to update on the site, just need to find some time... Soon I hope...

Signed Chickenfoot JS

Manufacturer: Ibanez
Model: JS CHKFT (JS900)
Release Year: 2009
Condition: Mint
Number: ?
Number Built: 2
Signed: Signed

WOW! I thought there was only one of these. But his one is not the one that was from the contest on this page:

This one popped up on eBay, so I got the guy to pull it and paid for it outright.

It's signed by Joe, Sammy, Mike and Chad on the front.

Very Cool.. Though a JS1000 or 1200 would have been better.

Ibanez JS6

Manufacturer: Ibanez
Model: JS6
Release Year: 1992
Condition: Excellent
Number Built: 345
Signed: Signed
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Maple 1 Piece
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 6105 x22

Guitar - Davy Knowles

Davy Knowles

Davy Knowles


Davy Knowles (born 1986) is a Manx blues guitarist and singer. Knowles, formerly of the blues-rock band Back Door Slam, is now working as a solo artist under the name "Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam". With Back Door Slam, he played lead guitar and sang on their debut album, Roll Away. After a split-up with bassist Adam Jones and drummer Ross Doyle, Knowles released his first solo album, Coming Up For Air, on May 19, 2009.

Get it Up

Learning to Fall

Thumbnail image
Thumbnail image Album: Chick-n-Out
Media: Chick-n-Out - CD 1
Disk: 2
Track: 1
Song: Learning to Fall
Performance: Learning to Fall - Gibson Ampitheatre 2009
Duration: 0:06:40
Gig: Chickenfoot @ Gibson Ampitheatre Universal City - 27 Sept 2009

NOTE: Listed as "Learning to Fly" on the CD and cover



Recording: Concert Bootleg
Recording Label: Ruptured Spleen
Reference Code: CNO-001
Release Year: 2010
Gig: Chickenfoot @ Gibson Ampitheatre Universal City - 27 Sept 2009
Signed: No

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Chick-n-Out - CD 1

Media Thumbnail
Media: Chick-n-Out - CD 1
Album: Chick-n-Out
Type: Compact Disk
Disk: 1

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