DAT Audio

DAT Audio is a utility that enables you to read/write Audio Dat Tapes to/from your mac as (initially) aiff files.

Approx Intended Shareware price: $100 Australian

The first version will support direct DAT playing over the mac, and the ability to import sections to an AIFF file. To receive a copy in the mailbox as soon as it is released, please fill in this form:

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(I will use these details purely to track what percentage of interest generates a registration). Supply an email address to receive the program through.


Download the audio DAT capability checker utility. This utility may give you some idea of whether your drive is audio capable or not.

Download Version 0.5 of DATAudio. This is a development version released to gain some feedback. It is very rough but supports timecode positioning, rewind, eject, realtime direct playthrough and DAT to AIFF dump.

Hardware Requirements

Conner 4320, 4326 or Peregrine 2 drives with audio firmware.
Make sure you specify that you REQUIRE the audio firmware, it is very hard to get if you don't receive it with the drive!
The firmware required for model 4320 Archive/Conner/Seagate drives is:
CONNER/SEAGATE PART # 25601-006 : Audio Firmware PROM 2.75-15
The 4320s are discontinued I believe, I think sgi stocked up on them and may still be selling them, but they are expensive.

Scsi interface
I don't anticipate supporting other bus protocols, and I don't know of any non-scsi audio capable dat drives.

For USB, I believe you can get SCSI to USB converters.