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(I am not affiliated with the event, I just go there every year because it's so much fun)

Why the Event is Such a Legend

Spend lazy mornings With the one you love!

Forget heats, forget bitching, forget sailing (if you want to).

The format of the 100% Mambo Merimbula Wavesailing Contest is one HUGE expression session.

For 4 days at the end of November each year, the Merimbula sailboarding club gets together with 100% Mambo and a plethora of other sponsors to host this most amazing of all competitions. Contestants come from all over the world, including the best from Australia, Hawaii, Sweden, Germany, America, etc. The last event (1994) saw Josh Angulo competing quite heavily for recognition in all categories (see "Rules" below). The event usually attracts around 120 or so competitors.


There is only one: "No bitching!"

Meet new people!

The contest is judged for basically everything you do over the four days, elements going toward your final score include:Aerials, Transitions, Wave Riding, Courtesy Bus Surfing, Golf Buggy Rolling, Female Enropement Skills, Overall Alcohol Consumption (including Bar Ettiquette) and Penthouse Wall Climbing (to name a few). Man can I remember some good stories (actually, that's a good question, CAN I remember).


Be stupid and win prizes!

For $75 (1995) entry fee, you get an awesome limited edition Mambo Shirt sporting the logo for that year's event (some memorables are "Two Dogs", "Heir of the Dog" and "Flip-Flop Fascism"), all you can eat BBQ lunch over the 4 days (starring the best fish, kebabs, sausages, steak, coleslaw, and sweet chilli sauce in the southern hemisphere), huge waves and mega wind (always), free admission to the friday band, great people and a prize at the awards ceremony.

That's Right! Everyone wins!!!! After the major (read as "serious") awards are awarded (funny that), there are numorous additional awards for special achievements. For example, in 1993 I was proud winner of the "Wanker Award", for wearing a Headband to the Nightclubs on the last night. Doesn't sound amazing but I got a voucher for a Half-Price Barracuda Custom Wave Sail for my efforts! Not Bad! Basically, after those are awarded, the remaining names are drawn out randomly and contestants go to the awards table to choose from the swath of remaining prizes, If you're lucky you can score a boom or mast or sail, board blanks, The "Sailboard Game" (If you're really lucky), and heaps of stuff like Oakleys, shirts, boardies, helmets, etc.

Past Events

1989 - Two Dogs

1991 - Psycho Dog?

1992 - Mambolympic Wavefest - and the Drug-Testing Committee

1993 - Heir of the Dog Special Guest: The Devil

1994 - Flip-Flop Facism Special Guest: Hitler

1995 - Shit in your own nest Special Guest: Chirac's Son

Venue and Dates

The basic formula for calculating the venue and time for the event is:

b@Ford Oval, Merimbula, NSW, Australia (on) the Thursday Morning b4 the last_of(weekends in November) to register.

Basically, it as an awesome event involving much partying and debauchery (nahh!) and everyone has fun! (Well, they have to, they're not allowed to Bitch!) so if you find yourself in the general area, come on down!

For more information contact John Smythe on (064) 956617, and tell him the "Jimmy Barnes" mambo web page sent you.

(That's +61 6 64 956617 for people not in OZ)

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