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Who's Roo?

The name Andrew is an old Irish name meaning strong or manly. The question is... Why wasn't I named Rambo?

As for me, I was born in Melbourne, Australia and I'll tell you one thing... I'm not doing that again!

Here is a pic of my two family coats of arms...

Here is a link to my Joe Satriani collection.

Computing Background

I started programming when I was about 13 and my father and I used to ride our bikes from O'connor to NCR at Fyshwick with the hard-disk in the shopping cage on the handlebars. I have owned computers ranging from Microbees to Macintoshs and love using obscure languages like CHIP8 and IBOL.


Bonsai - The art of miniature trees.

Guitar - and KAVA the (mostly) Satriani covers band.

Rhee International Taekwondo (Australia) - The art of self defence.

Sailboarding - and the 100% Mambo Merimbula Wavesailing Competition.

Scuba Diving - experiencing the amazing wonders of the deep.

Snowboarding - "Bodies all bent outta shape n' stuff".

Programming - and writing my own Software.

Renovating - follow this to see before and after shots of our current projects.

Other Stuff

Comments or Problems

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Roo's Snapshot Gallery.

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